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  • When you realize your idea is doomed

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  • David

    October 31, 2019 at 9:17 am

    This post is not for those who have already experienced that visceral punch in the gut when you come to the realization your idea isn’t going to work – this post is for people who have NOT experienced it, and might not fully grasp the importance of research, as I didn’t (even though I thought I did), and the consequences of not giving your idea enough diligence. Here are my missteps. They’re almost all psychological. I’ve found these are the most dangerous type because it’s very tough for books and articles to really address what your own unique biases might be, and despite how many of them you’ve read, it’s still possible to pull this kind of mental gymnastics on yourself. I hope that this short list helps someone understand that possibility and maybe help you recognize some of your own potential cognitive blind spots. I thought I could just iterate and move on if this idea didn’t work. THE MISTAKE: I could have, but that didn’t mean that I would. It’s very easy to just keep building because “You’re almost there”, or “It looks so good”, or “what’s a few more weeks at this point?”. You’re never almost there, good looks don’t mean much on their own, and a few weeks is actually an enormous amount of time. Lack of thorough market research. THE MISTAKE: It felt like doing research was a waste of time because there was no hard output, and no guaranteed value add. My single biggest lesson is that simply isn’t true. Thinking the product is all that matters when you’re getting started. THE MISTAKE: Yes, it matters, but it’s not the only thing that matters. Drawing again on my lack of market research: I sort of knew I wasn’t doing enough, but I just ignored that feeling because I was so excited to get building and I realize now that excitement was actually fear that my idea would be disproved. This would have helped me so I hope it can help someone! – by hq overview Wunksert – –

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