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  • Which language for prototyping a Fintech/trading idea?

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  • Jessica

    December 8, 2020 at 11:41 pm

    Hi all, I am currently an associate at a middle market prop trading firm, and I have an idea for a fintech startup that I’d like to pursue. I’ve talked to a few mentors and they think I “have something” here, but they’d like to see my shoestring together a rudimentary app to demonstrate my idea. Sounds great, except I have no programming background whatsoever to speak of. I have a bachelors in Finance from a northeastern target school, and 4ish years of direct experience on the trading side of things. I guess I’m looking for some guidance on where to start to prototype my idea. I’ll need a user interface, I’ll need to interact with and display real time market data (particularly in derivative products), and I’ll need to do a lot of real-time (but not mathematically complicated) calculations. There will be some algorithms that will need to be run on a given data set, but that would be transactional in nature and only needs to be done when x event occurs. I’m not trying to become an engineer, or even build a full product (yet) – I’m just trying to piece together something rudimentary to show to some colleagues in the field to see if I have something they might be interested in investing in. I’d really like to avoid bringing someone in to do this early part for me, because the algorithm and approach I have is valuable (and my mentors have told me as such), but there’s probably not a lot of groundbreaking tech involved (that i know of). So if someone were to run off with my algorithm, there’s not really anything that would prevent them from doing it themselves.
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