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  • Why do big brands make poorly-designed products?

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  • Christine

    October 30, 2019 at 10:17 pm

    I’ve been thinking about a particular cosmetics item I use that Neutrogena makes, which they package absolutely terribly. The product itself is well formulated, but it has a mousse texture that needs to be dispensed from a tube or a pump. For whatever reason, Neutrogena packaged it in a heavy glass bottle with a doe-foot applicator. It dispenses product poorly, makes application frustrating and is unhygienic to boot. Consumers reviewing the product are constantly complaining that while the product’s nice, the packaging is horrible and makes no sense. Why do brands do this when there’s obviously a better solution? Is it so the product will spoil faster and have to be replaced more quickly? To stand out from similar products in that category? (Keep in mind though that this is a foundation product, and they rarely come packaged like this – most people expect to see a doefoot applicator on a product that needs targeted application like concealer, not foundation.) I obviously don’t know what goes into creating a product, but it just seems like common sense. Package something poorly, and you’ll frustrate a consumer and drive them away, especially if your price point is high. Why not make packaging that’s more user-friendly? Sorry if this is the wrong sub to post this kind of question, thought you guys might have insight – or at least insight into where I can repost this question. – by hq overview yuzumaki – –

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