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  • Why the way we search for a digital agency is broken?

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  • David

    October 29, 2019 at 8:47 am

    I think that anyone who has ever tried to find a digital agency will agree that Buyers and Sellers of digital agency services are on an impossible mission to find one another exactly when they need it. Buyers: Don’t know who to trust and rely on limited personal networks; Invest in long and expensive research; They lose time and money and often there was a better service provider for their need. Sellers: Have limited opportunity to present their offer to the right audience at the right time; Drain time and money on expensive marketing to capture bad-fit leads if any; Close deals for cash-flow and stay with bad-fit clients. Problems for both sides of the market are similar to those hotel buyers/sellers were facing before booking,com was introduced. Nearly 3 years ago, we set ourselves on a mission to change that and today we’re excited to announce our backbone product that will disrupt how digital services are being bought. For Buyers: Find a solution to any digital challenge quickly; Navigate digital services and pricing; Connect with the right fit service provider; Compare offers and buy. For Sellers: Get better leads faster without expensive marketing; Present your offer to the right audience and know if you have the offer-market-fit; Receive direct feedback from reviews to know where to improve. The advanced digital agency search allows you to instantly filter 1000s of digital agencies based on essential criteria like services, technologies, industries, locations, pricing, and review scores. We just launched on Product Hunt and your feedback is much appreciated. – by hq overview sprenne – –

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