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  • Maverick

    October 30, 2019 at 11:18 pm

    I’ve long been a provider of services on Elance (since 2002) and the company that unfortunately acquired them a few years ago, Upwork. Elance had a business plan which granted you more connects, so that was the plan that I selected. When Upwork merged all the Elance accounts, I was given the choice of being an “agency” or a “freelancer”, so I stuck with what I thought would be the best fit as “agency”. Regardless of whatever term my business is labeled as in Upwork, I received a request to take a paid survey ($10 [$8 for you, $2 for Upwork]) through Upwork which specifically targeted agencies. I was dismissive at first, especially since I was receiving this request which stated that you would only be paid after completing the survey completely, and only if you are not disqualified within the first few questions. I asked some pointed questions of the person contacting me, questioning how I can trust that they will pay up once I’ve completed it, and they sent screenshots of other Upwork users feedback. Still, if they were crafty, they could get a handful of those which they paid and then stop paying the rest. It was all a bit silly on my part, but I was in the middle of something and if I stopped, I damn well wanted that $8 for wasting my time. So I poked at the first few questions, and it centered on questions like “how many websites to you create in a year” and “what platforms do you use”. This is where they filter you out, the platforms. I do a lot of custom-coded websites, and WordPress makes up the smaller portion, but still quite significant. For some reason, Wix was listed as a choice. I chuckled and thought to myself, what developer in their right mind would purposely use Wix? Well, when I – that the majority of my work was not WordPress or Wix, the survey regretted to inform me that I wasn’t who they wanted. So I hit back in my browser, and selected WordPress as my main platform. That did it, and now all the questions started to ask a lot about Wix, like “what’s your favorite thing about Wix” and counter questions like “do your clients have a hard time managing their WordPress websites”. Realizing who was behind this survey, I basically filled in everything about Wix as, “give up, it’s a terrible product”. There was even a 4 way breakdown asking what percentage of website you develop are on Wix, WordPress, and two other options. Entering “0%” for Wix would give and error and the form would not progress to the next page, but leaving that field empty and it was and Bob’s your uncle. While I’m not a WordPress fanboy, I certainly appreciate that WordPress is open source and actively working on improving things. I did answer the questions pleading to know why I would choose WordPress of Wix. The takeaway here is that Wix is willing to dump $10 * however many Upwork agencies there are that fit their criteria without taking in to account that there are no reasons why (that I can think of) that a web developer would suggest Wix over WordPress. I do get it, for some Wix is just a means to an end for those who aren’t web savvy, but I could never in good conscious ever suggest that a client use Wix for anything. – by hq overview exitof99 – –

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