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  • Work with an Eccentric Millionaire or Walk Away?

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  • Christine

    September 13, 2019 at 10:02 pm

    Today I had a meeting with a man who I can only describe as the smartest crazy guy I’ve ever met. He has a great startup, and wants me to produce a series of videos for him that have the potential to be very lucrative for me. The only problem is that I worry that he’s on the verge of absolute insanity. He’s been texting his entire team (now including me) at all hours about random problems he’s found the solution to and how he’s cracked the case. He’s sending me incoherent notes about a new way to frame things up. He’s wildly insecure about his role in the operation. He told me I’m hired, but that we’ll figure out what I’m doing later. Even though I’m running a company that does video production. It’s so vague that I’m not even sure if he means he’s bringing me on for a project or actually making me an employee. But here’s the kicker – he’s wildly successful in the corporate world. His partners are both wildly successful multi-millionaire entrepreneurs too. They’re completely rational people who try their best to reign him in. Would you work with this guy or would you walk away while you still can? – by hq overview thevideoboy – –

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