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Forums Forums Business Writing medicated schizophrenia (didn’t know I was going to write a character’s entire backstory so be prepared for that) : schizophrenia

  • Writing medicated schizophrenia (didn’t know I was going to write a character’s entire backstory so be prepared for that) : schizophrenia

     Arianna updated 2 years, 10 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Arianna

    January 17, 2020 at 12:12 am

    I’m not sure if I can ask for information so I can use it in character construction but I’ll take my chances. I want to portray one of my characters who has schizophrenia realistically and non-offensively. Most of the research I’ve done for schizophrenia talked about experiences while having an episode, but currently my character is already diagnosed and has already been prescribed his medications and is trying to continue with school (which I could also use help with since I’m not exactly sure what happens when this sort of thing goes down). I’ll give you some of his background information and what I’m going for. ALL OF THIS IS ACTUALLY REALLY LONG, IF YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO READ IT, INFORMATION ON WHAT SCHIZOPHRENIA IS LIKE OUTSIDE OF THE EPISODES WOULD BE APPRECIATED. THANK YOU.

    I’m pretty sure his most noticeable issue would be flat affect, so if there’s an area on the schizophrenia spectrum that you know about where that is more common I would appreciate the advice. He’s also a bit depressed (I’ll explain some of the reasons in a moment), and I wouldn’t describe him as high functioning, but I’m not entirely sure if I should make him low functioning because a. It might be too much, and b. I still need him to interact with the other characters and c. I can’t find many first person accounts about low functioning schizophrenia. Male 18/19 years old Prodromal phase started around 17 I’ve heard visual hallucinations are more common with teens and delusions are less common.

    I’m going to try to explain some of his story so if it’s offensive somehow I’m really sorry, I have no idea what I’m doing and that’s why I’m here. I’ve read somewhere that schizophrenia can be triggered by stress, so I think that’s what happened to him. Basically 3 years before it develops his father (who was a retired veteran, high ranking) was jailed after drunk driving, and his mother divorced his father. She was the primary bread winner so she can still afford their house and all of that, but they had to sell a lot of their animals since she wasn’t willing to take care of them and there were too many for the kids to with school. He has one older sister and two younger siblings. Their mother has high expectations for their grades so this adds to his stress. His sister goes off to college or to join the military like her father (not sure which one yet), and he’s left to take care of his younger siblings, since his mother works around the clock and isn’t home much. He had his first symptoms in the winter during mock-Christmas (it’s a fantasy world but modern, kind of. hard to explain, sorry), and it was away from home and away from his parent. He and his siblings were sent over by plane to a friend’s place since mom wasn’t able to spend the holiday with them because she was too busy at work (medical). I’m going to say the first symptoms were small hallucinations unless there’s a better option. That spring things begin to pick up and his grades start dropping (he’s not a POV character so I don’t know exactly what’s going on in his head), and he gets paranoid that his mother is actually not his mother and she’s plotting to kill him and his siblings. In my mind this happened because she acts a lot differently after her marriage broke apart and she’s away from home constantly than when he was younger and she still had time for him. She’d never been very affectionate but now since she’s especially stressed and not able to deal with anyone she’s practically a different person, which was what his illness noted. It convinced him that his older sister was either killed or replaced also, and when he believed that his younger sister suffered the same fate he convinced his 12/13 year old brother to run with him (younger brother is very trusting and looks up to older brother, so although he didn’t know what was going on he went with him anyways). After a few days he’s caught by some people his age who believed he kidnapped his younger brother since both of them had been reported missing. Younger brother is tired, thirsty, hungry, and ready to go home, so older brother had begun to drag him along, because his illness told him that they were really close to safety and that he couldn’t just leave his younger brother to be killed by his mother because that would be awful. He got beat up by the kids his age who were also trying to help his younger brother but the younger brother begged them to stop. They let him call his mom and she came to pick them up and had realized at this point that older brother had an illness (her brother had also had schizophrenia, though he’d never been diagnosed with it. I’ve read it runs in families). When his mom picks them up he panics in the car and in his attempt to escape he hurt his younger brother (not badly, but accidentally, while he was flailing, whacked his younger brother in the face hard enough to start a nose bleed). He noticed and felt terrible Is it realistic that after this he’d give up fighting or would something different happen?

    After he get’s put in inpatient therapy for 3-9 weeks (not sure how long), and after he gets out his main problems are the depression and flat affect. He cares a lot about his brother and figured that he’d be mad at him, and he can’t find a way to forgive himself for the incident. He became suicidal, but his support system because really tight and he trusts them (is that realistic?) when they tell him they wouldn’t want him to do it, even though he can’t see why he shouldn’t.

    So that’s most of it. Any tips on how he would redo finals or tests or how schools take care of that would be much appreciated. If you read all of this thanks and sorry for making you read all of this.

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