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  • WTF Capital One? Closing my Spark Visa account…

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  • Charles

    October 26, 2019 at 10:02 am

    I have had a Capital One Business Spark card for 7 years. It is my company’s go to card, multiple employees have cards. We buy advertising, office supplies, shipping, inventory, pay bills, etc. with it. We have an 80k limit and spend about that much each month, paying it off fully each month. I just got a letter from Capital One saying they are closing my account because “the charges you make are high cost transactions”. WTF! They advertise this card all the time on TV about how much cashback businesses get, and you should use it on everything. I use the card like they advertise and they close my account?! I can get other 2% CB cards, but I really liked how easy this card was, and it is setup as my default pay for everything. And setting employee cards up was super easy too. I’ve been a customer for so long and I have always paid on time being what I thought a perfect customer. I have a solid credit score. I guess not carrying a balance and getting the 2% was something they didn’t want to do anymore with me. Blows my mind that they advertise to use the card on all your business expenses. They tell you to pay off your card. Then they cancel my card for doing what I have been told to do. Sorry, fuming a bit over this. I am leaving town needing to pack for a family trip and now need to get new credit cards for my employees. – by hq overview airplanedad – –

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