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  • Your thoughts on an app which allows you to manage QuickBooks from Slack?

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  • Charles

    October 27, 2019 at 6:32 pm

    Hey everyone, I’ve been brainstorming around an app in Slack that allows users to perform simple accounting actions on their QuickBooks account without leaving Slack. Hoping to get thoughts from those here on whether that’d be useful to you as business owners. Know there’s lots of integrations/services which enable Slack and QB connections today, but I’m imagining something much more native and robust than event-based notifications through something like Zapier. For example, being able to create a customer in QBO from Slack, with a full form for customer details and address, or see a full A/R aging report and trigger a QBO-sent customized invoice reminder directly from Slack. Idea is a little bit like but instead of managing your SalesForce account, you manage your QuickBooks account from Slack conversationally, with command-line-like efficiency. Benefits: Enables faster accounting activities like creating customers, pulling sales and A/R reports, and viewing inventory, all without leaving your workplace collaboration tool (Slack). Accelerates communication and collaboration on any QBO-related question. Streamlines ability to stay on top of your end-to-end order-to-cash workflow. Possible downsides of this idea: Market too small? Business owners rely on accountants for most QBO management, so is the customer actually accounting firms? And whoever the customer is, are there Slack-using ones to make this a business? Zapier / IFTTT / custom-builds are enough. Maybe the space is already well-served. There’s a million+1 ways to handle Slack and QB connections today. But all of the off-the-shelf integrations are pretty simplistic afaik. MVP bar a bit high. Permissions would need to be pretty well thought-through since it’s financial data. Not sure how many / which use cases would be critical for MVP. My main questions are: Would you use this? If so, what kind of business do you run? What accounting use cases would be important to you? All comments are welcome. Thanks! – by hq overview whoopded00 – –

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