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  • YouTube’s Impact on SEO?

  • brianwebs

    October 29, 2019 at 10:04 pm

    I make YouTube videos on online games. There’s gaming websites like and that pay me to link their websites in the description of my videos. These websites feature games on their website. For example, is a game that you can simply look up and play on your browser, but they hope that players will play from their website instead. They obviously like the direct traffic that comes from my viewers due to the link in the description. However, this does not generate much traffic so I’m assuming they are paying for the boost in SEO that comes from linking the game from their website. How much of an impact does this link have on SEO? Is there a major difference on how much this benefits them based on the amount of views the video gets, for example, 10k versus 100k views? Hopefully this made sense and any insight would be helpful, thanks! – by hq overview probably-have-a-prob – –

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