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Forums Forums Search Engine Optimization Help, Google is Indexing the contact us number for only one country. Reply To: Help, Google is Indexing the contact us number for only one country.

  • rebboc

    December 27, 2019 at 6:35 pm

    Here are a couple of ideas:

    Google crawls almost exclusively with US IP addresses, so if you’re dynamically showing the “right” number based on the visitor’s IP, Google might not have seen the other numbers. If you’re redirecting by IP, double that with the ability to click links to the correct country in case of errors (and to allow Google to follow the links to discover the other country phone numbers).

    Is a visitor required to carry out interaction events on the page that are not links in order to select different countries and display their number? Google doesn’t perform user actions. Can you provide a block of country links instead/in addition to your current setup?

    Is the dynamic page new and handled through Javascript? There’s a possibility that your pages have been indexed, but that their Javascript hasn’t been rendered by Google yet, meaning that Google only has the one country in the index. There’s also a possibility that you’re using technologies that aren’t supported by Google’s bots, though this is technically no longer a serious concern if you site displays correctly in Chrome.