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  • ericb0

    December 28, 2019 at 2:50 am

    I’ve worked with a few clients in the healthcare industry such as medical practices. They’ve included alternative medicine, functional medicine, physical therapy, and outpatient clinics. Most patients aren’t going to search for “manual therapy” or “soft tissue specialist” especially when it’s combined in a small market like Milwaukee. Perhaps if you were in a major metro area like Chicago or NYC, then you’d get better volume and could bid on such keywords.

    Google Trends isn’t a good tool to use. You’re better off using the keyword planner.

    You may need to think more macro by bidding on chiropractor or drill down slightly more. If you’re that selective in who you choose to work with, then you’ll need to prequalify people with your ad by mentioning this stuff upfront in the actual adcopy and landing page.

    GMB insights is good if you get sufficient traffic and reviews. You’ll only know this by simply logging into your GMB account and looking at the dashboard to see how people are finding your listing.