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Forums Forums Search Engine Optimization A good website / agency to help with SEO? Reply To: A good website / agency to help with SEO?

  • ZioJoepie

    December 28, 2019 at 3:07 am

    I run a SEO agency, but will not advertise myself :).

    I do have some advice i will gladly give you:

    – Talk to 2 or 3 agencies, and ask them for an offer / quotation

    – Get an agency somewhere relatively close and also one that speaks your native language

    – Do not approve long term SEO contracts, this is a thing of the past (and decent agencies do not need yearly SEO contracts)

    – Make sure you are owner of any Analytics or Google Ads account that is beeing used. (You can always grant agencies access to your account, but you need to make sure you own the data!)

    – Be involved and ask if there are certain things you can do yourself (work together)

    – Try to get a monthly call / meetup with them to talk things through

    We noticed that we get the best results when we and our clients work together on improving SEO.