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Forums Forums Search Engine Optimization Will having the city name as the category in my URL help or hurt? Reply To: Will having the city name as the category in my URL help or hurt?

  • trukk

    December 28, 2019 at 6:24 am

    Like most site architecture things in SEO, it depends on what people are searching for, and what the intent beyond those keywords is. It’s hard to answer the question without knowing what keywords you’re after.

    Look at your keywords and map them to content pages. Can the intent behind all of your target keywords be answered with /city-niche-keyword terms, or does a category page better serve some of those keywords? What better suits the user experience?

    What probably wouldn’t work is having a category page with the “city” URL. This is because you’re not trying to target general searches for that city, because you’re not trying to satisfy that user intent.

    You’re trying to reach people who are looking for _your niche keyword_ in that city, so optimise for your niche keyword. So a better structure might be a /niche-keyword category page, with city pages underneath that. That way you’re signalling more relevance to search engines – and users – for niche keywords, rather than generic city terms.

    Structuring your site is never easy, and that’s because there’s no one answer. You need to think about what you want to rank for, and how your site structure best addressees those queries.