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  • ajmartin527

    December 28, 2019 at 11:34 am

    > since you can tie the conversion through other data sets

    Are you able to go into a bit more detail about this?

    Are you just saying that you can use cookie data your JS tag generates to match additional visitors that don’t provide persona info?

    I think I understand what the benefit is here… rather than relying on Facebook to try to match uploaded persona data with previous site visits from that same person that were only cookie-tracked, this would essentially allow you to tie those sessions together proactively?

    Sorry if that was confusing… my dev team has built one-off integrations for lead Ads and offline conversion uploads in the past for clients but they were pretty janky and unreliable.

    Would absolutely go this route rather than invest dev resources next time, just want to understand all the additional features of your platform.