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  • Cenports_AndMakers

    December 4, 2020 at 10:57 am

    his past year, due to the pandemic, many traditional brick and mortar stores have been suffering in sales. This was expected cuz who wants to go out and rick their well being but on the other hand, it seems that e-commerce has been booming. Just looking at Amazon, they doubled their income to 5billion+ almost doubling last years numbers and I dont think this is a market that only allows for large companies like Amazon to succeed. All of us are connected now more than ever to the internet so approaching a business that operates online might be advantageous. There are software tools and services that allow you to centralize your inventory, fulfillment, EDI/API and more making it easier to connect with e-stores like shopify, amazon, ebay, wayfair etc all from your home. Hope that helps.