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Forums Forums Business Entrepreneur AMA crossed 1M revenue (profit TBD) in my first year as a full time entrepreneur Reply To: AMA crossed 1M revenue (profit TBD) in my first year as a full time entrepreneur

  • Pharaoooooh

    December 5, 2020 at 7:36 am

    Hey. Congrats dude. You are where I wanna be in one year! I’m also in the process of starting my own clothing brand (I’m in the UK and doing mens swimwear initially, so hope you won’t see me as potential competition). Would love to ask some questions as I think you can genuinely help me.

    1. I’m working with a few factories on alibaba. Having samples made now which are customised from products they already have. You say you use tech packs now, how did you get your first ones made? Did you use another product as an example for fit/design?

    2. I will also be using instagram heavily for marketing. I think this will be the most difficult part as I can’t even grow my own. Did you use an agency or have any professional help at the start to get your first chunk of real followers?

    3. I’ve got the brand theme & target audience down. Struggling with the actual name. Do you think the name is super important or should I just pick one and go with it? My current options are all short, one word and easy to pronounce. Is that what you recommend?

    4. Do you only sell via your shopify or are you on Amazon/eBay too?

    5. How do you know how much product to order in your first run? Initially I’m going to have one design split into 10 patterns/colours. 100pcs each so 700 overall. Does this sound too much or too little? I genuinely have no idea.

    6. I’m starting by ordering bulk from China but it seems like you started with small orders locally. I am in touch with a UK manufacturer but they want me to source materials etc whereas the Chinese do it all. Seems way better to go straight to China if you can afford the bulk offer. Am I missing something here?

    I could ask 10 more questions but I know you got shit to do. I’m super serious about this and like you will be investing my own money to kick it off on my own. Will be following your account in case you ever post any more about you biz. Sending good wishes for your continued success.