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  • calbieyum

    December 5, 2020 at 9:43 am

    It works really well on Facebook! In Asia at least, most are already familiar with it & it’s a staple feature on most if not all online marketplaces and brand e-commerce sites.

    But what makes or breaks it are:
    1. Payment collection platform – how quickly & easily can the viewers checkout the item? — livestream shopping relies mostly on impulse buying so you gotta make sure it’s super easy for people to make their purchase. What helped for my brand was to have a dedicated team responding to each customer with a URL or payment instructions for their chosen product

    2. Organisation of content – are there enough interesting products or activities that would encourage your viewers to stay through or purchase? – giveaways, lucky draws, product demonstrations, responding to comments etc. all help in this regard

    3. Pre & Post publicity – at the moment we can’t directly ‘boost’ a Facebook Livestream. An option to consider is to set it up as an event listing and boost that instead. Post pub can include responding to feedback on the livestream, offering details on the next one, or offering further perks for viewing the stream

    4. Personality & Target Audience – who’s your target audience and who (and in what language) do they respond to? When are they online? When we first started streaming for another region, we made the mistake of conducting the stream largely in English in the middle of the day when the audience was more comfortable with Cantonese – the ROI was… poor. Also, ensure that your host is reasonably knowledgeable on your product/ brand – it helps with answering viewer questions and will make the stream a lot smoother.

    5. Admin support – this goes together with the first point on easy Payment collection, but it cannot be stated enough. Have someone monitoring comments and stock status so your presenter can share the right info as needed. If any problems crop up with your payment gateway/ checkout etc – the comments will be the first place you hear about it, and the viewers would want the presenter to answer those questions. The REPORT button is your friend! Inappropriate comments are inevitable – if they don’t vibe with your brand, go ahead and block the user. Everyone will thank you for it. Steady wifi needed as well – the quality of your visuals depends on it.

    6. Consider using a steaming software – while you can stream via Facebook directly, some features such as scrolling banners or dual camera angles etc. are only achievable using third party softwares – OBS studio is one (but it’s honestly too complicated for me) and Streamyard (my fave! But the free version comes with a watermark)

    There’s definitely more to it – but that’s what I rmbr off the top of my head.
    Go for it & all the best!

    P.S. sorry for the messy formatting – I’m on mobile…