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Forums Forums Business Entrepreneur Need advice on situation with co-founder Reply To: Need advice on situation with co-founder

  • GrowthTomatoes

    December 6, 2020 at 4:15 pm

    Have you every heard of “micro-SaaS”? Simple tools, limited features, and yet very good at solving specific problems for their customers. And profitable.

    There are lists of such tools you can easily find.

    What I would do is I would show him these lists and prove that products with limited features CAN (and usually are) more successful than tools that try to do it all. Especially SaaS tools.

    Here one to get you started: [](

    Honest opinion: your co-founder does not sound like a good marketer, and does not sound like a good founder. He may have a great vision, and could possibly occupy executive positions at structured companies. But the mind it takes to get a business off the ground is one that can deal with limited resources and limited features. Not one that wants everything to be perfect.