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  • TMoney2Socks

    March 20, 2021 at 10:39 pm

    To make my first iOS app I bought a course (I think it was on Udemy) and it was enough to get me to basically turn my app into a glorified website and it was a fair amount of work.

    If you like that sort of stuff than you should invest in learning how to make apps with Xcode etc.

    I however have since closed to pay a programmer to make my apps since. This too can be a long and painful process of getting my vision clear to the programmer and having them return a working app the way I like but they can generally do a better job than I could for a few thousand dollars or more.

    Depending on how complex your app is the cost to have it created could go up.

    Lastly I just want to add that you shouldn’t make an app unless it NEEDS to be an app. If you can solve the same problem with a website do that. Most apps don’t get many downloads and even then most people only use an app a few times and then never use it again. That is assuming you are making an app for other customers.

    I hope some of my experience with apps help you and that you find success!!