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Forums Forums Search Engine Optimization Keyword/Market Research For Rural and Remote Areas? Reply To: Keyword/Market Research For Rural and Remote Areas?

  • namaste-1111

    March 21, 2021 at 6:41 am

    As I understand you are trying to figure out the local queries for lawn care in a “remote” area with no luck. It seems the search volume in that area is really low and google gives them results based on location, even though the specific location kw is not specified.

    So, I guess the approach might be to identify the KW people might be using, I guess you already have them, so you can rank for those and add a geotag so google can better understand and offer your mate’s site as a result on SERPs.

    You are dealing with a low density population area, and people don’t tend to be specific as the will get the answers based on their location, because there are not many alternatives, that is my guess. Hope this help