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  • CrosszCharge

    March 21, 2021 at 11:57 am

    But here’s my thoughts to your original question if you meant it for search ads.

    Negative keywords help you save money.

    Negative keywords filter out traffic you don’t want. By filtering out traffic you don’t want you can spend more on people who actually have potential interest in your business, and therefore increase clickthrough rates which will increase quality score. They do a lot for your campaigns and successful companies have extensive negative kw lists for their campaigns.

    As for you’re other question about using that “mega-list” of negative keywords, I would avoid it. Negative keywords are all about context. What might be successful for someone else might be terrible for you. It might cause you to filter out traffic that can bring you PROFIT. You need to see what type of traffic you need to filter out. So as someone else said on the thread here, take the time to look through your search term report and find terms that are not relevant to your business.