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Forums Forums Business Entrepreneur Are you tired of business gurus telling you nonsense too? Reply To: Are you tired of business gurus telling you nonsense too?

  • AnonJian

    March 23, 2021 at 4:44 pm

    There are lots of these posts. And there are lots of regular, plain vanilla, put-in-the-work articles and videos out there.

    Seems people get pissed off when they can’t find a workaround for, well … work. They aren’t pissed because there are no business articles; they are irked because there is no getting out of plain old business reality.

    >Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    I queried over three hundred projects with problems, all spouting the buzzwords from a popular book. They had the problems because they won’t follow the instructions. And that wasn’t The Lazy Ass Way To Riches genre either.

    When you can’t or won’t follow any instructions, anywhere, no matter whose they are — I really can’t see what difference it could possibly make. The fault lies not in anybody out there, the fault lies within themselves. If you can’t make a $24.95 book work, do not buy the fifty, then one hundred, then five hundred, then one thousand dollar course.

    Posts here do the same thing. One self-styled analyst talked of the ‘overnight success’ of Pinterest. There were several glaring omissions, including no mention of Tote. That is the app founders got funded for. That is what the project spun its wheels for years on and got nowhere with. That is what got cancelled to begin the work on Pinterest.

    No Tote, No Pinterest. Why then leave it out? Because it doesn’t fit the wantrepreneur myth. All the omissions conflicted with the myth. That’s all a get rich course is, telling people the lie they themselves came up with.

    That is ‘the secret.’ Guess what. If you reach for your wallet — everything leading up to that moment is what you want to examine and emulate. No purchase required.

    Ever get the feeling gurus are holding back something? It’s the fact the problem is these people are their own worst enemy. They can’t use a search engine. So consider get rich courses a tax on information age invalids and learned helplessness if you’d prefer.

    There isn’t a course more than a couple months old somebody hasn’t bought and reviewed. Nobody searches. What do they post here? Some nobody who started running ads two weeks ago they want to be the ‘guru’ that makes the lies they tell themselves into truth. They want the magic answer that makes up for their own failings.

    There isn’t one. You want advice? If the thing isn’t self-funding — it’s not for you. That’s right — if it worked you’d pay for all the other courses out of revenue generated by the advice in that first book. If you can’t comprehend the simple realities, do not tackle the hard realities. If you can’t make the book work to the tune of five thousand dollars minimum, you can’t be helped by the thousand dollar version of the book.

    People keep buying courses to put off *doing anything*. They’re pissed off because they are the problem the course can’t correct.

    People want an excuse. Gurus are just somebody to blame when you can’t bring yourself to get pissed at yourself.

    [This guy is the one exception]( No fan and no critic has the wherewithal to make this expose. Because that’s a guy who has the two brain cells necessary to figure this out. And still I can hear it through the aether: So What Did He Figure Out?

    Some people can look at a cereal box and have a great business idea. All the rest are the reason they put “Choke Hazard” on the toy surprise inside.