Garry Tan on future of Silicon Valley and San Francisco, investing and YouTube

Garry Tan on future of Silicon Valley and San Francisco, investing and YouTube

Garry is a designer, engineer, and founder turned early stage investor, co-founding Initialized Capital in 2012. The firm has invested at the earliest stages of companies like Coinbase, Flexport, Instacart, and Cruise.

Prior to Initialized, Garry spent nearly 5 years as a partner at Y Combinator, advising and funding more than 1,000 companies and founders. He was co-founder of YC-backed blog platform Posterous (acquired by Twitter in 2012) and previously worked at Palantir as a founding member of the engineering team. He also designed Palantir’s logo.

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Footage used in this video:
– insane new electric car, it’s not a Tesla:
– My $200 million startup mistake: Peter Thiel asked and I said no:
– Applying to Y Combinator? 3 tips from a former YC partner (Giveaway-I’ll review your app!):

Time codes:
0:00 Who Garry Tan is
1:07 Is he planning to leave San Francisco
1:30 Why Garry created a YouTube channel
4:25 How to invest as an LP
6:59 Why every startup is a 10-year overnight success
7:27 Does Garry invest in stocks
8:44 Will the tech industry grow as fast in the next 10 years
10:10 How to choose the right business idea
12:14 Do startups in entertainment field have a chance to thrive
15:28 The importance of networking in getting acquisitions
19:00 The reason why people hate tech giants
20:22 Is it easier for founders to raise money in Silicon Valley nowadays
22:06 When life will get back to normal
22:39 What’s going to happen with Silicon Valley
25:27 Why we are committed to San Francisco

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