Getting started with investment portfolios

Getting started with investment portfolios

Getting started with investment portfolios. Match your investments to specific goals and develop and manage a successful portfolio. Choosing how to invest, nonretirement account money, investing inside retirement accounts, and paying for education costs.

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00:00 | Intro
00:06 | Before investing
01:04 | Nonretirement accounts
01:29 | Emergency money
03:16 | Long-term money
03:38 | Short-term investments
04:08 | Intermediate-term investments
04:23 | Long-term investments
04:43 | Certificates of deposit (CDs)
06:03 | Stocks
07:03 | Annuities
07:34 | Retirement accounts
09:52 | Money market
10:09 | Bond mutual funds
10:50 | Guaranteed-investment contracts (GICs)
11:30 | Balanced mutual funds
11:53 | Stock funds
12:15 | Stock in your employer
13:07 | Self-employed plans
14:04 | Investing for education
15:35 | Paying for educational costs