Grant Cardone Interviews Shaquille O’Neal Doing BIG BUSINESS – Power Players

Grant Cardone Interviews Shaquille O'Neal Doing BIG BUSINESS - Power Players

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Grant Cardone Talks Business with Shaquille O’Neal –

60% of NBA players go flat BROKE after retiring, but not Shaquille O’ Neal. Find out why he was able to break through and the lessons you can start using today.

The key high school lesson that taught Shaq the lesson of being a humble professional.

– Why being the smartest man in the room is a mistake (and why mentors are key to your success).

– Why the get rich quick mindset will always fail you.

– The #1 key to creating a successful business team.

– Why not being the smartest is fine (as long as you’re the smartest in listening).

– Why entertainment, humor, and grabbing attention is vital for your marketing.

– What 10X means to Shaq.

If you’re the smartest in the room then it’s time to level up with a Mentor to create a new level of massive success.

Start designing a 10X life with the 5 things you can immediately do to grow your business & income…

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