How to Design a Great Logo

An effective logo can work wonders for your business, helping it become familiar in the eyes of consumers. Think of the McDonalds golden arches or the Nike ‘swoosh’; both are recognisable icons around the world and have helped create very valuable brands. Whilst you might not be quite as successful as McDonalds or Nike, there is a lot to learn from these companies when it comes to designing a good logo.


Using a symbol can be a very effective way of making your logo distinctive and recognisable. However many people make the error of opting for complicated images, when many of the best logo symbols are very simple. There are good reasons for choosing a simple symbol; they are memorable, scalable and effective without colour.

Simple symbols are much easier to remember than complicated ones, and this is very important for anyone in business, as if you can get customers to remember your logo, then they will also remember your product or service, and so repeat business will become more likely.

Scalability is important in the practical world of creating marketing materials. Whilst you might originally just design your logo for business cards or letterheads, there may come a time when you need it on promotional pens or on giant advertising billboards. For this reason, it is important that your logo looks great whatever size it is, and simple logos are very often the most scalable. On the other hand, a complex, intricate design can look very cramped and untidy if it is downsized.

A very good test of a logo is to get it printed in black and white, and if it is still instantly recognisable, then that is a very positive sign. Your logo will not always be seen in colour, so it is important it stands out without it. Simple shapes in particular tend to retain their eye-catching properties in black and white, as it is the outline and shape that makes them distinctive in the first place. A good logo should be enhanced by colour- do not make the mistake of designing a poor logo and using colour to make it mediocre.


Although some of the most famous brands in the world are recognisable through symbols, most people looking to create a logo have only a small business. Incorporating the name of your business into your logo is absolutely vital, as it is important for your business’s name to get greater exposure. It also sensible to let people know what your business does in your logo; for example if your name was Andrew Bloggs and you ran an IT repair shop, you might have “Andrew Bloggs IT repair” or “Andrew Bloggs, the first name in IT repair” incorporated into your logo, instead of just simply “Andrew Bloggs,” so that customers who see your logo will understand what your business does.

Choosing the right symbol and using your businesses name are vital elements in designing a good logo, remember that simplicity is very often underrated if you are looking to make your own logo.