How to Evaluate your Sales Process

How to Evaluate your Sales Process

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Once you’ve defined your sales process and built your sales playbook, you need to continually evaluate how well everything is working.

In The Sales Enablement Playbook, Cory Bray and Hilmon Sorey say that every sales process is in one of three states: humming, experimenting, or thrashing. Let’s take a look at each of these states and what you need to do if your sales process is there. If your sales process is humming, it means that “More than 80 percent of reps are hitting quota consistently, new hires step in and ramp quickly to target performance, and no one is complaining about ‘process improvements.’”

Having a sales process in this state is a remarkable feat, but that doesn’t mean you can relax. You have to be constantly vigilant because change will come.

The next stage your process might be in is the “experimenting” stage. This stage precedes the humming stage. “If the process isn’t humming, the best way to get it there is to run rapid experiments and continuously improve.”

The final stage your process might be in is “thrashing.” There is never a time your sales process should be thrashing. As Cory and Hilmon say, “Continuous improvement in a controlled environment is ideal and recommended, but thrashing from one ‘solution’ to another is corrosive.” When things aren’t going well, it’s easy to flail around looking for solutions to every problem you encounter, but it’s better to keep experimenting and making incremental improvements. That can be a hard to thing to do even when times are good. It can seem impossible when your team’s struggling to hit goals. But it’s vital to the long-term success of your organization.

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