How to Manage a Crisis on Twitter

How to Manage a Crisis on Twitter

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When things go wrong with a business, or a government, or a celebrity, the first place you hear about it is on Twitter. A business’s worst nightmare is to be part of a negative trending topic.

But it’s not just what’s trending that might keep your social team up at night. There are other problems like nasty comments, unhappy customers, delivery issues, or similar types of marketing faux pas — all problems that arise frequently and deserve reasonable and empathetic responses.

While some of these issues are easily resolved, others aren’t so black-and-white. Some can quickly escalate into a crisis where the right course of action isn’t always clear.

First of all, preventing a crisis is key. Some of the things you need to do are simple: Make sure you have a trusted, well-trained team in place that understands the nuances of the Twitter platform. Double-check your content before it’s shared with the world. And most importantly, have a plan in place on what your team will do in the event that a crisis arises.

The first question you should ask yourself, however, is if you really do have a crisis on your hands?