How To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

How To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

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I recently read a book about a silicon valley entrepreneur named Naval Ravikant, who aside from starting companies like AngelList and Epinions was also an angel investor in successful early stage start ups that grew into giants, like Uber, Twitter, Postmates, and countless more.

But what really drew me in was Naval’s approach to being successful. And the practical advice he shared and how he broke it down in a way that I’d never heard before.

How to get rich without getting lucky. Essentially, In 1,000 parallel universes, you want to be wealthy in 999 of them. You don’t want to be wealthy in the 50 of them where you got lucky. We want to factor luck out of the equation. Or better yet, set yourself up for success by harnessing the right kind of luck.

So let me show you how it’s done.

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