Inbound Reporting Podcast: Mapping Your Customer Journey

Inbound Reporting Podcast: Mapping Your Customer Journey

Welcome back to the Inbound Reporting podcast, HubSpot Academy’s miniseries covering the ins and outs of good reporting behaviors.

Here, your hosts, Jorie Munroe and Nakul Kadaba will talk to the experts about how to set yourself up for success when it comes to the flywheel, goals, reporting and everywhere in between.

In this episode, join us as we chat with Academy Professor (and HubSpot superstar) Adriti Gulati and discuss the role customer journey mapping can play when thinking about your company’s flywheel.

Worried about the handoffs between your teams? We’ll cover that too.

Looking to learn more? Let’s talk next steps:

Check out Adriti’s lesson on managing the sales to service handoff here:

Want to learn more about customer journey mapping? Adriti and Jorie recently ran a webinar covering just that. See more here:

What makes customer service inbound? Find out more about the inbound service framework in this lesson:

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