Instagram Algorithm Decoded: Facts and Myths

Instagram Algorithm Decoded: Facts and Myths

Want more eyes on your Instagram content. Wondering how Instagram prioritizes different types of content? In this video, expert Natasha Samuel explains what you need to know about the Instagram algorithms—yes, there are more than one! Discover the four different types of algorithms that Instagram uses to determine who sees what content. Learn three factors that the Instagram algorithms use to rank your content and how each one impacts the way your content is served to more people on the platform. Next, you’ll get tips to understand and leverage the signals Instagram is looking for when ranking your content. Finally, uncover three common Instagram algorithm ‘facts’ that are actually myths.

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⏰ Timestamps
00:00 Intro
00:15 Instagram Algorithm(s)
01:00 How the Algorithm Ranks Content
02:20 Stories Algorithm & Tips
04:17 Reels Algorithm & Tips
05:10 Explore Page Algorithm & Tips
05:53 Leveraging the Algorithm
06:34 Instagram Myths: Content, Hashtags, and Shadow Banning

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