I’VE CHANGED…Alone & OFF GRID | Spear Fishing CATCH & COOK on FIRE – BAMBOO SHOWER, pt 2 – Ep. 166

I’VE CHANGED…Alone & OFF GRID | Spear Fishing CATCH & COOK on FIRE – BAMBOO SHOWER, pt 2 – Ep. 166 https://youtu.be/_xyCq1hhoUU

In this episode Jake and Nicolle celebrate their baby “Fox” 1 year birthday. Then, Jake goes spear fishing to catch lunch to cook outside over an open fire with fried coconut meat. We continue to plant our tropical fruit tree orchard and garden while cutting and preparing all the large bamboo for the outdoor bamboo shower. Secretly behind the scene’s we are designing and filing permit for our permanent house build which we will show you and start building as soon as our permit is issued. Stay tuned

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