LinkedIn Marketing – 8 Reasons It’s the #1 Channel for B2B Advertising

Discover 8 reasons why LinkedIn Marketing is killer for B2B advertising. Tips Discussed in Video: 1) Nearly 500 million …

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  1. I've been helping clients to grow their network and get in front of the right people using LinkedIn, we work with B2B companies and I want start my own business helping B2B startups to unleash the power of LinkedIn and a well thought-out strategy to understand and hit their target market, do you guys think this may help some folks in that field or any other?

  2. Great content, a lot of the keys points mentioned int he video are pretty spot on. Although, I havent had to do to much marketing on linkedin as the majority of my clients are B2C, this information rang true. Good content. Keep it up. Im trying to increse my subs for my channel related to marketing here in miami. Check me out if you have a chance 🙂

  3. I'm not sure about the frequency should be around 10 at the minimum for a person to convert. To my experience, if a person is still not converted after 3 to max 5 times being exposed to an ad, meaning the offer is not attractive enough or irrelevant, and likely zero chance she'll convert.

  4. As someone who teaches college marketing, I think this video's information is excellent. The presenter makes a very strong and reasonable case for using LinkedIn, providing numerous tips supporting this thesis.

  5. Great information maketing 360 🙂
    Plz make more video's on B2C n B2B marking on diff social Media platforms n hw for stay in Connected with the audience for a long term.
    Would love to watch it.