Make Your Own Branding Merchandise

Promoting your brand and products is always a challenge. There are lots of promotional opportunities available but often these are costly and not that effective. Everyone loves a new t-shirt or hoodie. Even better if this clothing is unique. What better way to promote your brand and products than with your own t-shirts and hoodies. With a heat press machine you can create personalized branded clothing on an as-needed basis and easily promote your company.

You might think that owning a heat press is a big step. Well, really this is the wave of the future. The technology is very advanced in such machines and with some training and a bit of practice, you can soon be creating customized marketing and promotional products.

Once the domain of big factories or mail-order businesses, you had to submit a design, get approval on your design, place an order (often with high minimums) and then wait sometimes up to 12 weeks for your promotional material. Luckily for you times have changed and you can embrace the latest in heat press machine technology to keep you ahead of the marketing and promotional curve.

With a heat press you are not only limited to soft goods. With this innovative technology you can transfer any image or design to a range of materials such as ceramic, wood, glass, fabric, and metal. You really can design and create the marketing and promotional items you want and when you want. With a dedicated space for your machine, some innovative designs and a bit of practice, you will soon have your very own customized products.

With this technology you can create custom t-shirts, mouse pads, plates, mugs, ball caps, bags, and pretty much any other item you can think of. Heat press machines include features such as a digital LCD time that you can use to set a desired time and an alarm that prevents over exposure during the process. Often users are concerned about the amount of heat used to transfer an image and are concerned about overheating the items – with the built-in digital LCD temperature control you can be confident that your items will not be overheated or damaged.

Each heat press machine designed and manufactured has you the user in mind. These machines are designed to be usable, practical, versatile and efficient. With extra features such as a fully rubber coated handle to prevent heating exposure and a rigid steel frame, the machines are built to last. With some basic training you will find that a heat press machine really is simple and safe to use.

Imagine how great it would be to see all of your employees out at a company event wearing customized clothing. With hats and t-shirts that spread your company message and brand, you can be sure that your brand and product will be recognized. Perhaps you are involved with a charitable event, well you can make your own promotional give-aways to top fundraisers with your in-house heat press machine . Really the possibilities are endless when you bring the creation of promotional items in-house.