marketing 101, understanding marketing basics and best practices

marketing 101, understanding marketing basics and best practices

marketing 101, understanding marketing basics and best practices. marketing focuses on attracting customers, getting them to buy, and making sure they’re happy enough with their purchases that they come back for more. what could be more important? marketing is part science, part art, and it can be challenging to bottle up both parts into a winning campaign. whether your product-or customer-orientated, however, the first and most important principle of marketing is this: know your customer. when you understand how customers think and what they like, you can develop products or services that meet those needs and come up with appropriate and appealing ways to communicate them. you begin to organize and focus your marketing activities when you define as clearly as possible who you’re targeting with your marketing. your marketing may include sales, service, product design and packaging, all marketing and media communications and anything else that helps win loyal customers. marketing can encompass tens to hundreds of contributing elements, so you need a clear focus to keep them all on target. remember that your target is a clearly defined customer.

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knowing your customers 01:53
getting focused 04:54
define your strengths 07:02
attract customers 08:44
customer touchpoints 11:33
ps of marketing 13:10