marketing basics course for MBA students

marketing basics course for MBA students

marketing basics course for MBA students. businesspeople often become so focused on brainstorming and producing the best products, setting up employee incentive programs, paying bills, and finding new ways to market their businesses that they forget about the very reason they run a business in the first place: the customer. the customer is the beginning, middle, and end of a business.

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Marketing Management: Foundations |
Marketing Management: Advanced Topics |

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time stamps
intro 00:00
marketing overview 00:06
customers 01:40
marketing plan 05:05
marketing plan components 08:58
target market 10:24
target customer 13:18
market research 15:50
p’s of marketing 20:34
pricing 23:15
place 26:48
promote 27:40
advertising 28:28
ad campaigns 30:16
advertisement placement 35:41
promotional materials 40:37
sales 44:58
sales strategy 52:14