marketing basics guide for small business owners

marketing basics guide for small business owners

marketing basics guide for small business owners. most small-business owners don’t understand the process of marketing. being a successful marketer requires a number of make-it-or-break-it skills that separate the mediocre (or failed) companies from the long-lived or fast-track ones.

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Learn the basics of branding and marketing. Define marketing and describe how marketing creates value, describe the elements of the marketing mix, and explain how these elements interact to create value for consumers by taking the following online courses offered by the university of Illinois. (Affiliate links)

Marketing Management: Foundations |
Marketing Management: Advanced Topics |

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time stamps
intro 00:00
marketing overview 00:06
product and service development 02:21
pricing 05:45
developing your pricing strategy 06:56
picking the right price 14:10
distribution 17:03
direct distribution 17:52
indirect distribution 26:31
deciding on distribution 29:59
promotion management 31:34
networking 32:56
referrals 35:50
online marketing 38:05
media advertising 49:09
sales management 1:10:55
sales-driven 1:17:31