Marketing for Small Business – Today’s Top 8 Tips by JB Kellogg

In this video we break down digital Marketing for Small Business, today’s top 8 tips! – by Marketing 360 / Intro: Marketing for small …


  1. Like Tip #6. See too many businesses not using email effectively. Only sell, sell, sell. I prefer when it's similar to social media and showing off the behind the scenes of the business. Story telling. Be careful with SMS though, I've signed up for a few SMS marketing for small business and they text too often and too much!

  2. Was just watching your Facebook Ad Video, thanks for all the tips. I've been playing around with Facebook Ads and yesterday I was literally stuck on the Facebook Manager page. Facebook offers a lot but I'm confused. What do you recommend for a Local Small business who focuses on marketing up-to 20 miles from my location. Moms are my ideal customer!

  3. I am a digital marketing profissional from Brazil. Currently I have worked at SAP Hybris previously I was Digital Marketing Coordinator at Multiplus, the biggest loyalt company in Latin América. You can find me on LinkedIn. Anyway, I have been thinking in create a Youtube Channel and your channel have been inspired me. Great job!