Marketing Tips – 12 of 122 Easy-to-Implement, Cost-Effective Marketing Tips for Small Business

I assembled these tips from years of reading, research, and during the course of helping over 3,000 small business owners with their marketing plans. All the tips are cost-effective ways to market your small business so you can get more clients, increase sales, income, and move towards increasing your wealth!

The twelve tips and tactics that appear in this article are part of a collection of 122 marketing tips.

When developing your marketing promotional strategy, choose six or seven marketing ideas you will use on an ongoing basis. Periodically supplement your marketing activities with two or three additional tactics to “spice things up”, and make marketing fun. Enjoy!

The 12 Tips

1. Spend 1-hour everyday doing marketing activities.

This can be in the form of planning activities and promotions, or actually implementing your plan. Rely on yourself to get the word out about your business.

2. Use a buddy marketing to promote your business.

If you send out brochures, include a leaflet, flyer, or business card of another business that has agreed to do the same for you.

3. Post your business on your vehicle.

Get a pair of magnetic signs at your local sign shop. Include your business name, phone number, web site, or special “freebie” offer.

4. Promote your business through your leisure activities.

Get t-shirts made with your company name on them. Wear them when you rock climb, play in your jazz band, or go to your children’s’ soccer games.

5. Hand out your business card to everyone.

When you pay bills, attach your business card. Hand your card out to everyone you come in contact.

6. Advertise in sports, dance recital, and church flyer events.

Inexpensive. Moreover, you never know who is going to be looking at these programs.

7. Use lottery tickets as incentives for referrals.

Market your give-a-way as a chance to win thousands or a million dollars.

8. Include candy in your mailings.

Especially chocolate! You will be remembered.

9. Drop in and deliver cookies.

Visit a customer’s place of business and drop in just to deliver cookies, and say you are there to brighten everyone’s day.

10. Join your local chamber of commerce.

This is a must to develop relationships, become involved in the community, network, build your knowledge, etc. I highly recommend involvement in chambers.

11. Be a giver versus a taker.

Always approach every customer with the frame of mind that you are there to help them. Put that thought above making the sale…and you will make the sale!

12. Grassroots Marketing.

Walk around, talk to your customers, get creative. Get word-of-mouth marketing for you.


There you have it; 12 marketing tips you can use to grow your business.