Network Marketing and Branding You – People Buy You, Not Your Company

The fastest way for you to get someone to say no to you, is to lead with your company and throw-up all over them. We have either been the one doing the puking or being puked on where each role leaves us with a bitter taste in our mouths. In order to be successful, we must never allow a person to experience our halitosis. Before you start marketing your business whatever it is, you must do your homework and find what makes you and your product unique.

A good place to start is by asking yourself the following questions about you and your business:

*How do you want to brand yourself? Branding is a way to differentiate yourself from the

competition and a way for your customers and prospects to remember you.

*What is your value proposition? We all make our economic decisions, our purchases, on some trade-off between value and utility, whether consciously or unconsciously. People have a choice as to whether they should buy your product or someone else’s. This is where you make your best case!

*Why should people do business with you? Do you and your product really matter? Prove it to me! Do you have other satisfied customers? Do you offer a guarantee or warranty? Am I going to get personal attention from you?

*What are your strengths as a marketer? This is just for you. Your business is going to grow as you grow, and that means trying new things! Most importantly, it requires you to be willing to truly stretch yourself!

Feel free to add any questions, but do not eliminate any. Each question is vital in getting to know your exceptional gifts.

After you have answered the above questions, now answer the following regarding to your product/service you offer.

*What is your product? Describe it in terms of the NEED you fill, which may be physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual – or some combination of any or all of these.

*Who is your target market? Be specific. What demographics define your market? Age/Income/Gender/Geographic. What other factors may be important?

*Who are your competitors? What do they offer?

What resources do they have at their command?

*Why is your product superior to the competition? Be honest! In fact, maybe someone is offering a better product, but you compete better on things like promotion, delivery, price, or just a personal touch! Did you know that very often it is the second-best product that gets the larger market share?

Answering these questions are the beginning to becoming a successful marketer. By answering these questions, you are now able to show your prospects why they should invest in you and how your product/service will benefit them. So now, rather than throw-up on a customer, lead with you, your brand. Make an authentic connection with people and you have won half the battle.

Remember whether you are marketing on the internet or using traditional lead generation tactics or both, remember to always lead with yourself first and your company second.