OOH Advertising Opportunities – Golf Cart Ads

Every spring, summer and fall, the golf course is one of the most active places in cities across the United States. There are more than 17,000 public and private golf courses in the U.S., most of which are fully booked with tee times from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. Alternative and out of home (OOH) advertising techniques are already very popular with many large brands – blimps fly overhead, planes trail flying billboards and more.

One unique form of golf course advertising is to advertise on the golf carts themselves. An astonishingly high percentage of players prefer riding a cart to walking for the duration of their rounds. Carts are quicker, more fun and save the back and leg pain associated with lugging a few dozen pounds of equipment around the course. Golf cart ads can be placed in the cart, along the sides and on the front and rear bumpers.

Benefits of this OOH Medium –

The main benefits of cart ads are similar to those of other OOH methods for golf course advertising. Golf courses allow businesses to target very specific demographics – typically demographics with relatively large disposable incomes. What sets golf cart advertisements aside from other OOH and alternative advertising techniques on the course is that placing your messaging in the golfer’s method of transportation provides as many as 5 hours of constant brand engagement.

How Golf Carts can be Used for Advertising –

The most common method for advertising on golf-carts is with bumper-sticker like messaging. These stickers can be used to apply ads to almost any part of the golf cart – interior or exterior. However, other kinds of golf cart ads are also possible, including dashboard and windshield displays.

How This OOH Medium is Measured –

The exposure that your messaging can get with golf cart ads can usually be measured quite precisely. Golf courses can give media providers accurate numbers in terms of how many golfers are playing the course in a given week. In a four hour round of golf, most players spend a considerable amount of time in the carts.

Markets where this OOH Medium is Available –

OOH advertising opportunities in golf carts are available at many golf courses around the country. Check with an alternative media company for a list of golf cart advertising available in your area.

Where Can You Buy Golf Media?

Alternative advertising opportunities on the links are sold by a number of different media companies. Many companies provide an assortment of OOH assets at golf courses around the world, while others hold unique assets in single, highly sought after public and private courses. Alternative media companies profile these assets and specialize in connecting asset owners with advertisers interested in buying these media.

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