Personal and Professional Name Branding – What’s at Stake?

Are you protecting as well as projecting your brand? Are you controlling what the internet says about you? Do you understand the perceived value associated with your name? – because:

Chances are – you were Googled today – do you know what was discovered about you?

“If your client did not have your business card at this critical moment, how will they find you?”

“The media says your client is Googling you, either before or after the meeting – let’s talk about what they might find.

“If the above questions have caused you to ponder the ramifications of not making the best first impression, the risk and potential loss of business due to a break in the connectivity link with a client or prospect, or an even more severe and possibly damaging issue caused by not managing, your most valued asset, which is you – I encourage you to continue reading this article.

There is a feasible strategy to place your personal name at the very top of the Google and Yahoo search engines – creatively linking all of your desired business affiliations and personal endeavors in one place – for the world to see, know and connect directly with you, on an on-going basis.

Only a few months ago, I virtually had no presence on the web, with no means of sharing my aspirations and pursuits, with the rest of the world – but that has all changed – and not by chance or through a costly SEO scheme. I am excited to say, that I have claimed first page real estate on Google and Yahoo, via the unique positioning of my name, in the online market place.

See for yourself – right now, I invite you to Google me Phillip L Fletcher, and witness the results.

What’s at stake? The valuable online real estate associated with your name.