Personal Branding in Internet Marketing

Personal branding is a technique often practiced by online marketers. Its intended to make up for the lack of personal contact with a prospect by utilizing pictures, targeted 'letter' formatted sales print with a personal focus. Branding is a highly effective marketing technique because it caters to a number of psychological triggers.

The power of personal branding can be observed in the reputation of established top internet marketers. A good example is Mike Filisame who is considered by many to be the top internet marketer in the world. Mike Filisame has not constructed an empire for himself by pumping out anonymous product after product. What he has done is conditioned people to recognize his name, and buy simply because he recommends that particular product or service.

Many internet marketers also carry a reputation of quality. Whether or not this is true does not make a difference in a marketing gurus mind. They are masters of putting out good sales print and getting people to buy whatever product or service they are selling. Many gurus even started off their internet marketing careers calling themselves “gurus” in order to generate buzz and sales around their particular product or offering.

Blogs are especially useful in personal branding. The reason is because the internet marketer can document a story over time. People love stories and it gets prospects to follow the internet marketing and as a result they become much more receptive to whatever product or service the internet marketer may be selling. Nearly every major name in internet marketing maintains a blog where they document their latest products and offerings as well as putting their personal recommendations on these offerings.

Personal branding has become THE most important component in internet marketing and it is an absolute must to maintain if any profit is to be made online. Without personal branding the internet entrepreneur is simply another product lost in the vast ocean that is the World Wide Web.