Personality Branding: Re-Inventing Yourself

Make it SIMPLE, but DEVIATE from the norm

The question of identity is a major factor that must be rightfully defined so that one does not lose his/her head in the crowd. Those who follow the multitude always go nowhere and are usually lost in the crowd, most times, the multitude can be wrong. The world belongs to those who stand out, stand up and stand for or against a cause which they can strongly defend, those who can talk crowd and keep their virtues or walk with kings and not lose the common touch – their identity. An independent mind is a frontier of change in the world.

Your identity is who you are, the characteristic perspective and belief that distinguish you from others. Those who have not answered the question of identity have not started living and their personalities have no value in the market of life.

Branding is a subset of marketing management. It is a concept of identity in marketing. In advertising, branding is the image created in the minds of people when they see or hear a name, product or logo. It is a marketing function that differentiates a product from others. A successfully branded product appreciates overtime both in price and popularity than an unbranded product. For instance, Coca-Cola being the number one brand in the world has a global recognition and its market value has increased significantly from other soft drinks. Other most celebrated brands in the world include Microsoft. IBM, Nokia, yahoo, General Electric, Dysney etc.

Branding though use mostly for products and services, it can also be applied to people. Individuals can create a brand for themselves that makes them unique and peculiar from others. Ronaldinho, Ophrah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, David Beckham are examples of those who have successfully branded themselves in their fields and in the world at large.

Personality branding is becoming necessary in a world of merger and synergy, so as not to lose your individuality. Until you have a Unique Selling Point (USP), the destiny you represent will not be known in the market of life. We are all salesmen. We must sell something in order to live! You are either selling your brains, health, strength, ingenuity, originality, creativity, resourcefulness, initiative, courage, or your executive ability. The question really is not what you sell, though this is important, but it is more of how you package what you sell, in branding, the container is more important than the content.

Some of us sell ourselves too dearly; others too cheaply. Many of us even fail to keep ourselves sold a large part of the time. The quality of our goods is not the best and so it is often returned or undesired. There are many things you are selling that perhaps you don’t realize. Have you ever stopped to think that you are selling your appearances, your dress, your carriage, your conversation, your optimism, your mental attitude toward life, toward work and toward others? The quality of the merchandise you offer and the price you desire will indicate the sort of character material you have manufactured or accumulated.

Personality branding is a call to re-inventing yourself, to make your own impression, to re-package your personality and its content, to come out with your own style and be unique for something, so as to boost your market value. Don’t bury yourself in the crowd that is going nowhere, dare to be different!

In branding, the rule is to make it SIMPLE, but DEVIATE from the norm, and remember that identity comes before synergy. In the process of branding, let superiority be your trademark, resolve that your life’s work shall be a masterpiece, as much as you can, be original and real; for the life span of a fake product and person is very short. Your brand is your logo, your identity, your image; make it simple, make it real and outstanding.

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