Small Business Marketing – 13 Common Mistakes Business Owners Make When E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing can be a great asset for business owners. As we stated in one of our previous articles, the Direct Marketing Association stated in 2008 that e-mail marketing had about a 300% better return on investment. So this is definitely one marketing technique that you want to add to your arsenal for promoting your business. In This article were going to talk about 13 common E-mail marketing mistakes that business owners make.

Mistake #1- not adding an optin form or a squeeze page to their website. It’s estimated that about 90% of all business owners who have a website do not even have an optin form on their websites.

Mistake #2- providing irrelevant or not useful content. Think about it, would you bother reading e-mails if they didn’t provide you with anything useful or relevant to what your interest was. Your visitors are the same, they want useful information about the topic they’re interested in.

Mistake #3- not placing a sign-up (optin) form on every page of your website. This will remind your customers that they do need to register for your list so you can send them valuable information, coupons and notifications of specials.

Mistake #4- making the sign-up process difficult. Asking for too much information right away can scare people away. Many people ask for information like address, telephone number, etc. All you need is their name and e-mail address.

Mistake #5- not addressing your visitors about privacy concerns. People receive a ton of spam every day because they have provided their name and e-mail address on other websites. Let your visitors know that you will not share or sell their e-mail address and you will not use it for any other purpose other than just communicating with them about your business.

Mistake #6- not partnering with nearby businesses or others in order to grow your business. It’s Good idea to set up partnerships with businesses that are not competing but have similar clientele. Then you and your partners can promote each other to your customers.

Mistake #7- not giving your customers coupons or something of value for free. For your subscribers to stay on your list you need to give them valuable content and a reason to stay. Things such as coupons, free reports or notification of specials are just a few things that you could share with your list.

Mistake #8- not asking your customers to spread the word. One of the greatest ways for increasing business is through referrals or word-of-mouth. Most businesses fail miserably here. Ask your customers to share their experiences with your business with others and ask them to refer people to your website.

Mistake #9- not using a professional e-mail autoresponder service. Did you realize that if you do not have an opt-out link somewhere in your e-mail message that you could be fined thousands of dollars for each e-mail you send. This is part of the FCC guidelines to protect people from spammers on the Internet.

Mistake #10- not including testimonials from other customers in your newsletter or near your optin form. If People are happy with what you do why not post this information on your website or in your newsletter. Did you know that 78% of consumers believe peer recommendations, but only 14% believe what business owners state in their advertisements.

Mistake #11- not including video near your optin form. Video is one of the greatest forms of communication. It allows people to actually make a connection with somebody. It lets them hear their voice, see their face and hear the inflection in the speaker’s voice.

Mistake #12- not approaching your e-mail messages with the purpose of building a long-term relationship with your customers. You need to let your customers (your list or your subscribers, which ever you want to call them) know that you actually care about them. If you’re always trying to shove sales messages down their throat they will leave you quickly. Some things you can do include sending them freebies, you can do videos for them and teach them about how to use your product or service.

Mistake #13- not getting feedback from your list. imagine how your customers would feel if you actually ask them what kind of information they would like to have. You could have them fill out a survey or you could just ask them to reply to an e-mail. People like to feel important and they also like to help.