Small Business Marketing Tip #7 – Annoy Your Competition and Make Money in the Process

If you aren’t annoying your competition you’re not doing a good enough job.


You heard me…you should be pissing off your competition on a regular basis.

Here’s why…

If you are annoying your competition you must be doing something they don’t like. One thing you are probably doing is taking their customers.

Hey, that’s a good thing.

People generally don’t get annoyed with other people if they are minding their own business and business people generally don’t get mad at other businesses people unless they are making their lives more difficult, stealing their customers or nabbing the lion’s share of the local business.

Now, don’t you see why it’s so important to be annoying your competition?

You need to be constantly making it difficult for you competitors to compete with you. Make it hard for them to keep up with all the innovative and powerful marketing ideas, strategies and stunts you pull to grab more than your fair share of the business and some of their customers in the process.

If you look back in history who is written about in history books, who is immortalized in paintings and statues?

The trouble makers.

The people who rubbed others the wrong way.

The people who created tension.

Those are people who got attention. Those are the people who get remembered, immortalized and talked about.

And that is what you want to strive to be in your market.

Will you turn some customers away by your actions?

YOU BET…and that’s a good thing.

You have to sacrifice a portion of people that wouldn’t be good great customers anyway in order to get another portion to embrace, love and talk about you. They will buy everything you have to sell.

There are no books or statues of people who just got their fair share.

Small business owners and independent sales people who let the status quo drive their lives and business are destined to only receive the bare minimum.

The crazy thing is – it’s not much harder or more time consuming to be the best.

If you want to make your life and your business Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous you need to start annoying some people today.

Start with your competition by doing smart marketing.

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