So What Does Social Media Have to Do With Education Based Marketing? – Everything!

According to a published statistic, 80% of Twitters users have mobile devices. Just imagine one tweet about your business, positive or negative, suddenly goes viral and literally millions of people are reading this message. Using a conservative number of Twitter accounts holders at 5,000,000, this means 4,000,000 are potentially exposed to your Tweet or the Tweet of someone else when you send it. No wonder large companies are monitoring this social media network to ensure that unhappy customers are addressed immediately.

Some other interesting statistics about social media such as LinkedIn being used by 80% of those in business seeking employees to 78% of those using social media buy first from a peer’s recommendation before some fancy advertising. This new way to communicate and market yourself, your business, your products and services is no longer an option, but a necessity. Note: Statistics are always subject to accuracy. However, the numbers do demonstrate social media is having impact in today’s marketplace.

Education based marketing is when your goal is to first educate and through that process allow your potential customer to pull you closer to her or him. This is 100% opposite of sales based marketing where you as the professional sales person attempt to push your customer into making a buying decision.

When working with my sales coaching and business coaching training clients, I have two participants stand about 5 feet apart each holding an end of a 5-foot rope. The person designated as the seller attempts to push on the rope and nothing happens except a lot of giggles and laughs. Then the other person who is in the role of buyer pulls the rope. What happens is movement because the buyer wants the seller to move closer to him or her.

Since social media is all about people and people in today’s knowledge rich and time poor culture want valuable information, education based marketing becomes one of the best sales approaches to achieving the goal to increase sales. Erick Qualman is quoted “It’s a people driven economy.”

If you wish to improve your marketing results, then align social media to your education based marketing approach because sales it is truly about people. By taking this action, you will ultimately increase sales.