social media marketing definition

social media marketing definition

social media marketing definition: the phrase social media marketing generally refers to using these online services for relationship selling — selling based on developing rapport with customers. social media services make innovative use of new online technologies to accomplish the familiar communication and marketing goals of this form of selling. you can categorize social media services, but they have fuzzy boundaries that can overlap. some social media sites fall into multiple categories. for example, some social networks and online communities allow participants to share photos and include a blog.

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social content-sharing services: these services facilitate posting and commenting on text, videos, photos, and podcasts. social-networking services: originally developed to facilitate the exchange of personal information (messages, photos, video, and audio) to groups of friends and family, these full-featured services offer multiple functions.

social-bookmarking services: similar to private bookmarks for your favorite sites on your computer, social bookmarks are publicly viewable lists of sites that others have recommended. social news services: on these peer-based lists of recommended articles from news sites, blogs, or web pages, users often vote on the value of the postings.