Social Networking Sites – "Smooshing" Or Selling

Seemingly growing at a rate too fast to comprehend, Social Networking sites are becoming an open forum for advertisers.

No longer simply chat rooms for teenage girls, these social sites are opening new doorways for ambitious marketers wanting to spread their product quickly across the Internet. More and more niche social networking sites are emerging, targeting people who all share some common interest, such as travel or investments.

It is important to realize that while the business world is infiltrating the social scene, there are still stringent rules at the sites. Be sure to check each site carefully so you know what you are allowed to present. Subtle is the key to successful Social Network Advertising.

Once you find a site that you feel best connects with your product, get your profile up. You can talk about your business here, promote your product and build an interest amongst visitors. Set up the link to your sales page but whatever you do, avoid using a link to an affiliate page. Most of the social sites frown on those links and you will get banned.

The fastest way to "add friends" is to purchase an "adder robot". This system adds friends to your list on a daily basis, up to 300 a day. All the social sites have some form or another of quickly adding friends and if you are using this method, the more the merrier. You want the viral effect to get established immediately. Begin a blog, create feedback and be sure to spend time visiting others profiles. Not only can this help you connect with more "friends" but in your travels, you'll find the most direct advertising techniques. Leave comments, critique other profiles and ALWAYS invite others to do the same for you. Post plenty of bulletins being careful to only hint at advertising. Use examples of what your product can do, will do for others. Pique their interest.

Remember your goal here. Build a network of like-minded people who through a common interest could potentially become your customers. Look at this advertising method over the long term benefits, branding yourself as an influential, honest business person with worthwhile products and relevant information.